Mapfre Logo

Mapfre Logo

Mapfre, S.A. is an international insurance company based in Madrid, Spain. It was established in 1933, but its period of real growth came only after the Second World War. The company underwent several regroupings and purchased several other firms. In 1983 it was graded as the insurance company number one and six years later Mapfre started its expansion to Latin America, where it became the leading insurance agency. Today the company operates in both Americas, many European countries, Asia and Australia serving about 29 million customers. By 2011 Mapfre’s revenue reached the level of 23,5 billion euros.

Meaning and history

Mapfre Logo history

The current Mapfre logotype consists of the brand name written in block letters and an emblem to the right of it. It was created in 2003 by a Spanish designer Alberto Corazón. The letters of the wordmark resemble the commercial font Acme Gothic Extrawide Black with slightly modified graphics. Thus, the leg of the letter “R” is more rounded.  The emblem is a circle with a symbolic image of a clover, which reminds that the company at the outset was specialized in rural insurance operations. The colour of the emblem, as well as the wordmark, is bright crimson red tone on a white background.  The logo exists in two versions: white letters and the emblem on a red background and red letters and the emblem on a white background.

Logo Mapfre

The name of the company, which forms the main part of its logotype is actually an abbreviation of the initial name of the firm: Mutualidad de la Agrupación de Propietarios de Fincas Rústicas de España (Mutual Union of the Owners of Rural Real Estate of Spain).

Mapfre Logo

For the customers of Mapfre, its logotype is associated with the slogan of the company “we are people who take care of people”.  According to the firm’s web site, its main principles are professionalism, innovation and commitment.