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Bupa is an insurance company, which was established in 1947 in the United Kingdom. Today the group specializes mainly in healthcare policies and has more than 80 thousand employees, who serve 30 million customers worldwide through its offices and subsidiaries in almost 200 countries. The annual revenue of the group if around 12 million GBP.

Meaning and history

Bupa Logo history

The company’s visual identity is friendly and bright. Its logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its right, was designed in the 1940s and only slightly changed in the 2000s.

The blue and white color palette of the corporate visual identity was also created in 1947. It represents professionalism and authority of the company, reflecting a sense of protection and reliability, as well as makes the whole logo look fresh and crispy.

What is Bupa?
Bupa is the name of a British insurance service provider, which has been on the local market since the end of the 1940s. Today Bupa provides all types of insurance services and operates worldwide, serving more than 30 million people on all continents.

1947 – 2009


The version of the 1947 was composed of a light blue wordmark in all capitals, executed in a bold traditional serif typeface, reflecting trustworthiness and responsibility of the firm.

The modern and sharp emblem depicted a heart-rate line, executed in the same color land placed as an underline, with the peaks after the nameplate. It fully reflects the purpose and essence of the company and looks memorable and stylish.

2009 – 2022

Bupa Logo 2008
After the redesign of 2009 the wordmark was dramatically changed. But that was not the only new thing. During the first years after the redesign, the brand used a softer and shorter heart line, which featured green and blue colors. The added accent of green was a representation of growth and energy. It is also known to be a symbol of life.

But in a few years the color palette was switched back to a flat blue and white. Today the wordmark with the line are drawn in white and placed on a light blue background.

2022 – Today

Bupa logo

The redesign of 2022 has worked Alon all elements of the Bupa badge, except for the shape of the banner itself. The color palette got intensified and darkened up, with the new, smooth and deep shade of blue being used for the background now. As for the lettering and the graphical element, they are still drawn in white, but with bolder and smoother lines, with the “Bupa” inscription executed in a bold slanted full-shaped sans-serif font, and the graphics starting now at the very edge of the square, with no space left.


The current Bupa wordmark is written in a sleek sans-serif typeface, which resembles Volkswagen family fonts, but with more distinctive and playful tails of the letters.

The rounded shapes and clean lines of the custom typeface represent a contemporary and confident firm, which is growing and developing in order to provide their customers with the latest solutions in field of health care.


The name of the company is an abbreviation for British United Provident Association and it was organized in 1947 through the merger of 17 firms.

Today the firm operates internationally, serving almost 17 million policyholders and 15 million patient across the globe. The company provides various health services, including insurance and health coaching. It also runs numerous hospitals and centers (general and dental) and helps patients who stay at home.

Logo Bupa

The company is constantly growing and it led it to the top list positions in UK, Asian and Latin American health care markets, as a trusted and reputable service supplier.

The firm offers various solutions for individual customers and commercial structures, providing them with both domestic and international insurance plans, as well as helps with health assessments and long-term management assistance.

Bupa has grown a lot and developed many services during the last 60 years, as it puts its customer in the center of everything and aims to provide the best possible solutions for their comfortable and safe life and well-being.