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Philadelphia Union is the name of an American soccer club that was established in 2008. One of the strongest and most successful teams in Major League Soccer, Philadelphia Union, also known as “The U”, is owned by Keystone Sports and En-tertainment Group and has Jim Curtin as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Philadelphia Union Logo history
The history of the Philadelphia Union’s visual identity design starts in 2009 after the club was founded. First, there was a pre-launch logo introduced, which was a simple and traditional combination of the Major League Soccer emblem and the club’s nameplate under it.

As for the real official logo, it was introduced later in the same year and stays with the Philadelphia Union until today.


Philadelphia Union 2009

The pre-launch emblem of the club was composed of a colored MLS badge and a “Philadelphia 2010” inscription under it. There was also a blue rectangular tagline, containing the web link “” set in bold white sans-serif with the small Major League Soccer symbol on the left.

The MLS emblem is a rectangle with rounded angles and a thick black outline, de-picting a football shoe with the ball. It is executed in green, blue, and white-and-black and looks vivid due to the use of gradient shades.

The inscription under the emblem was written in a narrowed clean sans-serif in black and looked professional and strict.

2009 — Today

Philadelphia Union Logo 2009
The current Philadelphia Union logo was introduced in 2009. It is a rounded badge with a thick dark blue frame and a golden outline. The “Philadelphia” gold lettering in bold serif font is placed around the frame’s perimeter, on its upper part. The bottom part of the frame contains 13 gold stars.

The circular body of the badge is composed of a hark blue crest, placed on a blue and gold background. On the crest, there is an image of the golden snake, the club’s symbol, and the “Union” lettering above it. The inscription uses a modern geometric sans-serif and looks very elegant.

There is an alternative version of the logo, which was created in 2018. The colors here are lighter and gain gradient shades. The main difference is in the gold-tone.

2018 — Today

Philadelphia Union logo
They changed the color scheme for this one. The dark blue parts became black, while the brown bits turned into a sort of pale gold. Furthermore, the fang shapes in the background were straightened out and became simple stripes.

Philadelphia Union Colors

HEX COLOR: #002D55;
RGB: (0,45,86)
CMYK: (100,46,0,70)

RGB: (80,145,205)
CMYK: (68,34,0,0)

HEX COLOR: #B38707; 
RGB: (179,136,8)
CMYK: (0,27,100,34)

HEX COLOR: #B49759; 
RGB: (180,151,90)
CMYK: (20,30,70,15)

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