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Dudelange is the name of a football club from Luxembourg, which was established in 1991. Today the club, also known as “Diddeleng” and “F91” is known to be the first in the history of Luxembourg to reach the UEFA league.

Meaning and history

Dudelange logo

The visual identity of the Luxembourg football club looks modern and unique. And it is all because of an unusual composition of its traditionally shaped shield. The Dudelange crest is formed by “F91” symbols in bold clean lines. They make the top part of the shield and its sides, while the arched “Diddeleng” inscription in all capitals of a strong geometric sans-serif, forms the bottom border of the emblem.

The “F91” part is drawn in the colors of the Luxembourg national flag, red, white, and light blue, where the colored stripes are placed diagonally. As for the black wordmark, it is balanced by a black lion rampant, which is depicted on a small yellow crest, placed in the middle of the emblem, between “F” and “9” and over the nameplate.

The Dudelange logo is a very interesting example of how traditional elements, such as heraldic lion, can be implemented in a very modern design and keep looking confident and solid.