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PJSC Gazprom is an energy corporation headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Over 50% of its shares belong to the state.

Meaning and history

Gazprom Logo history

The origins of the group can be traced to 1943, when the Soviet government developed a domestic gas industry. In the summer of 1989, the Ministry of Gas Industry adopted a new name, the State Gas Concern Gazprom.

199? — late 1990s

Gazprom Logo 1990s

Archive photos from the annual shareholders’ meeting in 1995 showcase an old version of the Gazprom logo. It is given in Russian. The most prominent part of the design is the word “ГАЗ” (“Gas” in Russian). The central “A” is a dark blue and white pyramid with a stylized light blue flame above. The pyramid symbolizes the deposit of natural gas, while the flame symbolizes burning natural gas.
Below, you can see the word “Пром” (transliterates as “Prom”) in smaller letters.

Late 1990s — present

Gazprom logo

The concept of the logo was introduced by Rem Vyakhirev, who was Gazprom’s CEO from 1992 to 2001. The distinctive feature of the logo is the “G” with a flame. Next to it, there is the name of the company in a sans serif type.
According to the official explanation, the “G” symbolizes the warmth that the company brings to each house.

2001 (alternative)

Gazprom Logo 2001

Alexey Miller, the new CEO, commissioned the Typo Graphic Design firm to create a new logo. One of the versions provided by the firm showcased a blue triangle symbolizing the deposit of natural gas (the pyramid is often used as a symbol of the deposit of natural gas on maps). The alternative logo was used for a short while, but then the company returned to the old version.


The type is a rather bold sans. The difference in the thicknesses of the strokes is quite notable.


Blue, which is close to the color of burning gas, is the only color used in the Gazprom logo, apart from the white background.

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