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PetroChina is the name of the CNPC daughter business, which is one of the hugest energy providers of China. CNPC is a government-managed company, which is on the top of the list of the most influential corporations in the world’s energy segment.

Meaning and history

Being an arm of the huge CNPC, PetroChina’s visual identity is fully based on the logo of China National Petroleum Corporation.

The PetroChina logo features CNPC emblem with a nameplate beyond it. The nameplate is executed in a custom italicized typeface with thick modern letter lines, that look strong and confident in black.

Logo PetroChina

The famous CNPC emblem, located above the wordmark is composed of a rounded two-colored symbol, resembling a flower with six petals in its upper part and a big solid red lower part.

The emblem symbolizes the rising sun of China and uses the shades of the National Flag of the Republic of China — dark yellow and red.

The PetroChina logo is a tribute to the company’s heritage and background, perfectly reflecting the progressive and dynamic company and evoking a sense of energy, power, and strength.

The PetroChina logo is a graphical representation of how the label sees its future — bright and confident, and the petals of the CNPC flower are showing the core brand’s businesses.

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