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Atmos Energy is an American company, focused on the distribution of natural gas. It was founded in 1906 in Texas and today is the largest energy company of the state.

What is the symbol of Atmos Energy Corporation?
The symbol of Atmos Energy Corporation is a stylized enlarged letter “A” drawn in a geometric Sans-serif typeface in the deep shade of blue, against a white background, with four white horizontal elements, cutting it horizontally. The four lines feature extended triangular shapes, with the peaks pointing to the left. These elements, replacing the horizontal bar of the letter, make the badge look dynamic and energetic, depicting the essence of the company.

Meaning and history

The logo can be broken down into two parts of different sizes and weights. The word “Atmos” dominates the design due to size, color, and shape. It features a bold serif type. While all the letters are capitalized, the initial, the “a,” is the largest.

Atmos Energy Emblem

The blue color symbolizes natural gas (Atmos Energy is one of the United States’ largest natural-gas-only distributors). The “rays” in the “A” represent energy, optimism, and dynamism.
The word “energy” features a lighter and more elaborate type. The cute serifs and rounded ends provide an elegant touch, which the blue part of the logo lacks.

We should add, though, that the two parts of the logo do not seem to fit each other that well – their styles are way too different for perfect harmony.

Atmos Energy Logo


While the company uses Futura Std Medium and Minion Pro Regular fonts in all its printed communications, the logo showcases different, more decorative types.

Logo Atmos Energy


The Atmos Energy logo features the corporate color referred to as Atmos Energy Blue. It goes under the number 285 in the Pantone Matching System (RGB: 33% red, 117% green, 217% blue; Hex: 3366CC).


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