Pertamina Logo

Pertamina Logo

Pertamina is a governmental petroleum corporation from Indonesia, which was formed in 1968 through the merger of two companies. Today it is one of the largest producers of oil in its region and is in the top 150 of the Fortune 500 ranking.

Meaning and history

Pertamina Logo history

Being a state-owned company, Pertamina has a very modern and colorful visual identity.

The Pertamina logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left. The wordmark features all the capital lettering in a strict neat typeface with straight lines and sharp angles, which looks professional and powerful in black color.

The Pertamina emblem balances the simplicity and strictness of its wordmark. It is composed of a graphical representation of an arrow, which consists of three separate petal-like parts executed in different colors.

The Pertamina emblem is full of hidden meanings, and every detail of it symbolizes one of the company’s core principles. The largest petal of the arrow features a blue color, which is a representation of the brand’s responsibility and reliability. The two equal green and red petals symbolize energy resources and the brand’s tenacity respectively.

Logo Pertamina

The arrow symbol of a perfect reflection of the Pertamina progress and moving forward. The emblem can be also read as the graphical representation of the first letter “P” and the map of the Indonesian islands.

The Pertamina logo is a very strong and symbolic example of the modern brand’s visual identity. It is bright, yet modest, memorable and timeless.