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Perimeter Aviation is an airline that specializes in providing regional air services. With a diverse fleet of aircraft, they cater to various destinations across Canada. The company is owned by Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), a diversified investment corporation. Perimeter Aviation operates out of its main base in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering scheduled flights as well as charter services. They serve remote communities, connecting them to major urban centers and supporting economic development in the region.

Meaning and history

Perimeter Aviation Logo

Perimeter Aviation is an airline founded by Mr. Darcy Morgan in 1960. It has since grown to become a prominent player in the aviation industry. Over the years, the company has achieved several notable milestones. It has developed a reputation for providing reliable and efficient air transportation services, specializing in remote and northern areas of Canada. Perimeter Aviation operates a diverse fleet of aircraft, including turboprops and jets, to cater to various passenger and cargo needs. The airline has also established strong partnerships with local communities and businesses, ensuring seamless connectivity and economic growth in these regions. Currently, Perimeter Aviation continues to expand its operations, embracing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences while maintaining its commitment to safety and reliability.

What is Perimeter Aviation?
Perimeter Aviation is a Canadian airline based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It primarily operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to remote communities and fly-in fishing lodges in northern Canada. With a fleet of turboprop aircraft, Perimeter Aviation plays a vital role in connecting isolated regions and providing essential transportation services to these areas.

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