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Niki was an Austrian low-cost airline. It had a modest fleet of 30 vessels at its peak and conducted flights throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, the destinations included South Europe and North Africa. The company was eventually acquired by Lauda, another Austrian company.

Meaning and History

The company was established in 2003 by Niki Lauda, an Austrian entrepreneur. After some time, he acquired another company, which came to be known as Lauda. These two were basically merged into one in 2017. Unfortunately, Lauda didn’t live long after that and was bought by RyanAir in 2020.

2003 – 2018

Niki Logo

The first and last logotype by Niki was their name in a large oval, both colored red. The whole logo had a playful and bright mood. The letters were featured in a cartoon-styled font that resembled paint slightly. Due to the oval and simple black background, the logo looks composed and pretty balanced.