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PC Week is a weekly newspaper about computers and technologies, founded in 1984 in the USA. It is now published in digital format and is known as eWEEK.

Meaning and history

PC Week logo

The PC Week logo is executed in all-caps classic sans serif. The letters PC are enclosed in a contrast square, while “Week” is placed on a white background, the “PC” is written in white on blue.

The color scheme of the logo is calm and strict – white and blue. Blue color evokes a feeling of professionalism and loyalty and is associated with trust and dependability.

After shifting to digital format, PCWeek changed their name to eWEEK, but the blue color remained, yet it is now complemented with black, not white.

What is PC Week?
PC Week was a weekly publication focused on the personal computer industry. It provided news, analysis, and reviews of computer hardware, software, and technology trends. The magazine was known for its comprehensive coverage and was a valuable resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts.