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Palantir is an American company, established in 2003 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They’re developing software for big data analytics, storage, and management. Their products are widely used by the organizations working with large amounts of information, such as banks, transnational corporations, hedge funds, governmental structures of the countries.

Meaning and history

The company was established in 2003 by the PayPal’s co-founder named Peter Thiel. Initially, he saw Palantir as a company supposed to develop soft for intelligence services and policing organizations, battling with international terrorism and protecting civil rights. That’s why the company came into the sight of the governmental structures, such as CIA, which invested $2 million in addition to Thiel’s initial $30 million capital.

For the following years, Palantir developed many instruments for the US secret services and governmental structures, including quantitative analysis tools, AI systems, accounting instruments, big data searching systems, et cetera. They’ve also produced software for banks and transnational companies. It helps them maintain their financial indicators, as well as customers’ data.

The company naming was inspired by the Palantiri stones from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They were described as unbreakable crystals capable of showing the events happening in other corners of the world and being communication bridges for the callers. That ‘seeing-stone’ idea was suitable for the company developing the soft for communications tracking and management of large scales of information.

What is Palantir?
Their focus is to provide high-quality instruments for big data management and analytics. The company is known for its three main branches: Gotham, responsible for the soft for secret services supposed to fight against terrorism and criminality; Apollo, creating systems for information’s security and delivery; and Foundry, providing solutions for corporate customers in financial and healthcare fields.

2003 – today

Palantir Logo

Their corporate logotype is just the nameplate with an iconic symbol from The Lords of the Rings – the ring itself. It’s styled as a circle with a pointer placed below.


Palantir Symbol

Their nameplate has a simple yet stylish typeface. The sans-serif letters are semibold, and they have small spaces in between. The first character is capitalized, while the following ones are lowercase.


Palantir Emblem

The coloring palette of the Palantir logotype consists of solid black shade. This is the most neutral color, and it features quality and safety. However, Palantir’s logo can change its colors depending on situation.