OVB Logo


The logo of the financial brokerage group OVD is clean and dynamic. In comparison with the older version, it is a little more minimalist.

Meaning and history

OVB Logo history

1970 – 2018

OVB Logo 1970

While the previous emblem had the same structure, there were quite a few minor differences. The most obvious one was the type. With its combination of thin and thick strokes, it looked elegant in a traditional way, which also made it look somewhat dated. The thin serifs only reinforced the impression.

Also, the tops of the three columns had a slightly different shape. It was especially apparent in the case of the third column with its sharp angle.

2018 – 2021

OVB Logo

The current OVB logo features an abstract emblem, which can be interpreted as a graphic representation of positive dynamics. It consists of three shapes. Each of the shapes is higher than the one standing before it. At the same time, the tops of the shapes form a single curve, which shows that all the three are parts of a single whole.

Below, the letters “OVB” can be seen. The fact that the number of shapes is the same as the number of letters creates a visual rhyme and establishes a link between the two parts of the design.


The type in the current OVB Group logo is bolder and evener, although you can still notice the strokes have different thicknesses. The serifs are still there but they have grown heavier.

Company overview

The OVB Group was established in 1970. Today, it is known among the largest financial brokerage groups in the EU. It is a holding company with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

According to the brand’s official website, they work with more than 100 providers to serve their clients’ needs providing consulting services based on their individual financial situation.