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Ounass is a luxury online store, launched in 2016 by Al Tayer Group from the United Arab Emirates. The platform offers high-end fashion brands from all over the globe and serves customers from the Middle East. Today the e-boutique sells its items to Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the high-end online destination is elegant and confident. The text-based logo is executed according to all the best features of a modern fashion label — a simple color palette and a precisely executed lettering.

The monochrome color scheme of the logo is traditional for the world’s fashion industry. It perfectly accents on the wide range of colorful items the e-store has to offer to its customers. The logo in black on a white background also looks great on the packaging.

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The simplicity and modesty of the fashion retailer’s visual identity elevate the brand, showing it as a sophisticated and truly luxurious one.


The wordmark of the high-end online store is written in all capitals of a custom sans-serif typeface. Its fine smooth lines resemble a Peignot Std Light font, a display typeface, designed by A.M. Cassandre in 1937, which was a perfect reflection of its time epoque.

The lettering is the star of the e-store’s logo, it is iconic and instantly recognizable, a perfect representative for a luxury brand of one of the world’s big companies.


Ounass is a sub-division of Al Tayer Group, which was established in the 1970s and by today has grown into one of the most influential retail companies in the Middle East. The group owns over 200 stores in 6 countries of the region, and two luxury online platforms.

Ounass Logo

The wide range of the e-stores items available for sale includes not only clothing, accessories, and footwear of the world’s most loved designers but also beauty products, exquisite home textile, and decor and various gift ideas.

The website is divided into three main categories — Women, Men, and Kids so that every member of the family will find something for himself there.

Being a luxury shopping spot, Ounass offers products in a high price category, but it is also a guarantee of uniqueness and perfect quality.

The secure payment system and reliable delivery partners of the company make the shipping experience easy and fun, bringing happy moments and desirable items to their customers.

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