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Orsay is a German fashion brand, which was established in 1975. Today the company has its stores across Europe and is very recognizable in the high-quality women’s fashion market segment.

Meaning and history

Orsay logo

The Orsay visual identity is friendly and modern. Its minimalist logo is composed of a single word mark, but it looks confident and complete.

The Orsay nameplate is all the lowercase letters is executed in a modern custom typeface, with fine and delicate, almost invisible, serifs, which add playfulness and a welcoming feeling to the brand’s logo.

The letters of the inscription are extended, which creates a solid and strong sense, and the elongated tail of the letter “Y” adds elegance and luxury.

The brand uses a traditional monochrome color palette for all the printed materials and fashion items’ tags, and a rich silver-gray for the signboards and banners, where the three-dimensional letters look dynamic and vivid.

The Orsay logo is simple yet contemporary and elegant. Its sleep rounded letters show the brand’s nature and essence and reflect its system of values, where the confidence and comfort of its customers take the first place.