Washington Wizards Logo

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Washington Wizards Logo

The most notable logo redesigns the basketball team the Washington Wizards has gone through were the result of the changes of the team’s name.

Meaning and history

Washington Wizards Logo history

The club, which was founded in 1961 under the name of Chicago Packers, is considered the first modern expansion team in the history of the National Basketball Association. They played their first season with the logo representing an outline of a bull’s head on a brown basketball. Following the change of the name in 1963, an insignia with the word “Zephyrs” in brown was adopted.

Old logo

Washington Wizards Logo Old

Shortly after, the club relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, and received a new name, the Baltimore Bullets, in honor of a 1940s–’50s BAA/NBA franchise.

When in 1969 the original “bullet and basketball” logo was replaced, a new era started in the history of the Washington Wizards logo. For almost three decades, the franchise used the emblem where the letters “l” formed two hands grabbing for a basketball. Although it went through six modifications, the core visual metaphor remained untouched. This design has probably been the most known Washington Wizards floor logo so far.

Symbol evolution

Washington Wizards Symbol

Following the adoption of a new name in 1997, the emblem featuring a wizard and a crescent moon was unveiled. The wizard had a large “W” for the body. The Washington Wizards old logo was updated three times.

The 2015 emblem

Washington Wizards Logo emblem

Before the 2014/15 season, the Wizards upgraded their alternative emblem created in 2011 to primary status. Now, the Washington Monument ball appears inside a bold ring filled with the instantly recognizable striping from the Wizards’ kits. There’s also the name of the team inside the ring on the 2015 Washington Wizards logo. Each of the three stars has a geographical symbolism of its own: they represent Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


The lettering seen on the Washington Wizards new logo appears to have been inspired by Friz Quadrata Bold, which is a glyphic serif typeface created by Ernst Friz in collaboration with Victor Caruso. The same font was the basis of the wizard/crescent logo, too. It has been heavily modified for the newer logo, though.

The Washington Wizards logo font is bolder and narrower, while the italicized effect is gone. The letters in the current version don’t have enough “breathing space” and, because of it, the insignia isn’t particularly legible at smaller sizes.


Washington Wizards Logo Color

All the colors of the official palette – red (PMS 186), navy blue (PMS 289), and silver (PMS 877) – can be seen on the logo Washington Wizards use as the global one. White is used as an additional color.