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An Origin is a software developer in 2011 as a video-games purchasing and playing platform. Today the program is available in almost 20 languages and has its versions both for computers and mobile phones. The platform has over 50 million users worldwide.

Meaning and history

The Origin logo is composed of a wordmark with a recognizable emblem on its left. The software’s visual identity looks strong and professional.

The nameplate in classic gray is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and elongated and sharp upper tail of the letter “g”, which balanced the emblem.

The “Powered by EA” tagline is written in the same color, but in a thinner and stricter sans-serif font, leaving enough space between the letter and making the logo look lighter.

Origin Logo

The Origin emblem is a stylized letter “O”, which is extra-bold and has sharp tails coming out of it on its top and bottom parts, creating a shuriken-like figure, which evokes a sense of dynamics and strength.

The gray and orange color palette of the Origin logo is a reflection of a progressive and creative brand, which also evokes a sense of trust and authority.

The Origin logo is simple and minimalist, yet looks sharp and contemporary due to its thick lines and pointed elements.