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Oregon State University is an educational land grant institution located in the Corvallis, United States. OSU offers educational services through its 200+ degree-granting programs in the fields of mainly agricultural and mechanical sciences. They’re lectured and studied by 1800+ professors in 12 colleges, schools, and departments, organized by 2 main campuses. Oregon carries multiple scientific researches often with a financial and data help from the government and other universities.

Meaning and history

Oregon State University Logo history

Firstly, the university was a primary school named Corvallis Academy and supposed to prepare youth for appliance into college. It was sponsored by the locals. In 1858, the Academy was turned into a College to mark the growing of the institution, which chose agriculture as its main direction of study. In 1868, Corvallis College became Corvallis State Agricultural College. Throughout the rest of the 19th century and the 20th century, the college would create new campuses and colleges, as well as develop new programs going beyond the agricultural sciences. Marking this, the college would change its names for 6 times, changing the order of the words and adding ‘Oregon’ word. Finally, the college officially changed its name to ‘Oregon State University’ in 1961.

What is Oregon State University?
Oregon State University is an academic research organization providing knowledge services to the students from across the US. Having its main campus located in Corvallis, OSU carries 12 colleges and numerous departments with their own directions of study explored by nearly 2000 professors. They have a developed program of land grants to successful students of the university. It also keeps many varsity teams playing in NCAA.

1859 – today

Oregon State University Logo 1868-now

The university’s official seal insignia is the same signature as the Oregon state seal. It   consists of the name written in a circular position, and the Corvallis College foundation date placed centrally below. These two elements serve as a border for the sigil. Deeper in the seal, there is a crest with two bulls pulling a wagon. Behind them, there are two ships sailing somewhere on the sea. There is also sun above them. Below the bulls, they drew a stripe with ‘The Union’ inscription, and a wheat separator. Above the crest, there is an eagle, while at its perimeter we can see a laurel wreath.

1868 – 2017

Oregon State University Logo 1868

The initial university’s corporate logotype was composed of a large ‘OSU’ acronym. To the left from it, they wrote the full name in a two-line inscription, whereas the lower ‘University’ word is downsized.

2017 – today

Oregon State University Logo

The following logotype features the large nameplate. It’s placed to the right from a crest featuring a landscape of a mountain with three stars above it and the ‘1868’ number on it. Below them, we can see a fir drawn over a book. On the crest sits a beaver – the university’s mascot.


Oregon State University Emblem

In the 2017 logotype, they’ve used a bold serif typeface with quite a typical appearance. The first letters of the name are capitalized, while the following ones are lowercase. The seal pictures the name in an uppercase sans-serif typeface with soft angular letters. The small ‘Union’ word has the same script, but a bit lighter.


Oregon State University Symbol

The color palette of the university’s main graphical marks consists of black, white and orange shades. The main graphical marks of the university are colored in a different way. The seal is black and white. The logotype has a black and white crest, while the nameplate has a black ‘University’ word placed below the orange ‘Oregon State’, and the black ‘University’ word.

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