Duke University Logo

Duke University Logo

In addition to the official logo and seal, Duke University has also several logotypes for its athletic teams Duke Blue Devils.

Duke University logo meaning and history

Duke University logo

The University was established in 1838 by the Union Institute Society, a group of Methodists and Quakers.

Symbol Duke University

Duke University symbol

The Duke University logo reflects the school’s religious roots by using sacral symbolism (the Christian cross, among them) and the Latin motto meaning “Knowledge and Faith” in English.

Sports emblem Duke University

Duke University emblem

The Duke Blue Devils teams have three primary logos. One of them is the capital “D” in blue, the other is the side view of a “devil” (looking very much like the Joker character on a playing card), and a combination of both.

The school’s athletic program was named after a group of French soldiers called “les Diables Bleus” for their bravery, excellent military training, and blue uniform. The name was chosen as a result of a contest held in 1921.

Font of the Duke University Logo

The Duke University wordmark combines two different typefaces. The word “Duke” features a serif font looking traditional and classic. The word “University” is given in a sans serif uppercase type, which also seems to emphasize the school’s commitment to its roots.

As for the Duke Blue Devils, they have several wordmarks, including a script logotype, a block and a block outline logotype, as well as a Gothic wordmark and a heart design.

Color of the Duke University Logo

Color Duke University logo

Duke blue and white are the official colors of both the Duke University logo itself and its athletic teams’ logo. The name “Duke blue” refers to the dark blue tertiary color that goes under the number 288 in the Pantone Color Matching System and has the following Hex triplet: #001A57. In its official brand identity guide, the school also mentions PMS 294 in the list of its Primary Blues and PMS 287, PMS 3015, PMS 3005, and PMS 2234c in the list of its Secondary Blues.

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