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The University of San Carlos (USC or San Carlos when used in colloquial speech) is one of the private universities in the Philippines. The Society of the Divine Word (SVD), one of the Catholic orders, administers USC. This fact explains why there are religious symbols in the University emblem.

Meaning and history

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As a University the institution has been operating in Cebu City since 1948 but it is much older. There have been claims that its origin dates back to 1783 when it functioned as a seminary. The University even insists that its history started in 1559 with the introduction of a religious school closed down some time later.

The University of San Carlos logo looks like an emblem of an institution with a long history and old traditions. It consists of a shield, laurel leaves, the motto and the name of the University.

The Shield Emblem

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The shield is divided into three parts of different colors. Each part features a symbol.

The lower part of the shield shows the open book that usually symbolizes knowledge and education. In the University of San Carlos logo it also means the Word of God. The green color of the background symbolizes wisdom.

There are three stars above the open book. They are incorporated into the logo to honor the country where the University is located. These are Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, the three main island groupings of the Philippines.

The upper left part has the symbol of the SVD ‒ the globe surrounded and topped by the cross.

The chapel with a cross in the upper right part represents the symbol of Cebu, Magellan’s cross.

The shield is encircled with the name of the University (in the lower part) and the motto “Scientia, Virtus, Devotio” (in the upper part). Both inscriptions are in a serif font. The initials of the motto form “SVD” which is also the abbreviation for the Society of the Divine Word.

Laurel Leaves Symbol

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A wreath of laurel leaves surrounds the shield. It stands for excellence. The number of the leaves on each side calls to mind the seven gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

Below the emblem is a banner featuring “Witness to the Word”


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The official colors of USC are green and golden yellow (or gold). Yet, the University of San Carlos logo uses not only green and gold, but also red, blue, white and black. In such a way the institution pays tribute to the city, to the country and to the SVD.