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Onnit is an American brand of sports supplements and accessories, which was by Aubrey Marcus in 2011. The company is located in Austin, Texas and offers to ship across the United States. There is also a chain of Onnit Gyms throughout the country.

Meaning and history

Onnit Logo history

The visual identity of the progressive health brand is minimalist yet confident and strong. The text-based logo of the supplements and sports equipment retailer boasts thick clean lines and evokes a sense of power and energy.

Executed in a bold custom sans-serif typeface the wordmark of the original Onnit logo had both letters “N” stylized, with their lines elongated and with the arrow on their ends. The allure was pointing up and down, symbolizing movement and changes. The Green and white color scheme of the logo was a reflection of growth and success. As for the first brand’s icon — it was composed of a green hexagon with an “NN” monogram, where the letters were intertwined by their arrow-bars.

Later the retailer switched to a monochrome color palette, gaining a stronger and more serious look. And after the last redesign, the logo was totally simplified. Now it is black lettering in a white background, without any extra details. As for the icon, it boasts an abstract image, consisting of a curved line, formed by two letters “N” and resembling a wave.

The logo of the healthcare brand is bold and contemporary, it fully reflects the company’s values, its nature, and essence, emphasizing its most important features — dynamics, confidence, and power.

2010 – 2012

Onnit Logo 2010

For the first logo, the design features the brand name “ONNIT” in bold, capitalized letters. The font is modern and geometric with a mix of shades, with the letters “ONN” in a dark grey and the “IT” in black, creating a gradient effect that emphasizes movement and progression. An arrow, split into two different colors, integrates directly into the typography — the upward-pointing part is in black, while the downward-pointing part is in a contrasting bright green. This arrow bisects the “N” and the “I”, adding a dynamic element to the logo. The arrow symbolizes the brand’s commitment to upward growth and excellence, as well as a holistic approach represented by the downward arrow. The overall impression is one of balance and direction, suggesting a company that is focused on peak performance or wellness.

2012 – 2016

Onnit Logo 2012

In this logo, the entire text “ONNIT” is rendered in a consistent bright green color. The typeface remains bold and capitalized, preserving the geometry of the previous design but without shade variation, which creates a more unified and striking look. The arrow, still splitting the “N” and “I”, is also in the same shade of green, creating a monochromatic theme. The use of a single color makes the logo more cohesive and indicative of a brand identity that is focused on natural products. The choice of green is often associated with health, vitality, and growth, reinforcing the potential health and wellness connection.

2016 – 2019

Onnit Logo 2016

For the third logo, the word “ONNIT” is again presented in capitalized, bold letters, but this time entirely in black, which projects strength and sophistication. The split arrow maintains its position through the “N” and the “I”, but in this iteration, both the upward and downward parts of the arrow are black, creating a stark and powerful contrast with the white background. The monochromatic color scheme gives the logo a classic and versatile appearance, suggesting a brand that values strength, clarity, and effectiveness. The simplicity of the color palette suggests confidence and a no-nonsense approach to their business, which relates to fitness and supplements.

2019 – Today

Onnit Logo

The current logo simplifies the color scheme even further by featuring the brand name “ONNIT” without any color variation — all in black. The typeface is consistent with the previous designs, maintaining the bold and capitalized styling. This version omits the colored arrow entirely, opting for a minimalist and modern aesthetic. The absence of additional graphical elements focuses attention solely on the brand name, making it clear and easily recognizable. This design could be a strategic move towards universal branding, ensuring the logo’s legibility across various platforms and products. The straightforward black text conveys professionalism and a direct approach, which could appeal to a customer base looking for reliable and uncomplicated solutions in the realm of fitness and nutrition.


The wordmark of the current logo in all capitals is executed in an italicized am rounded sans-serif typefaces which are pretty close to Neuropol X, with its thick neat lines and a lot of space between the letters, creating a sense of lightness and freshness, yet keeping the serious and fundamental mood of the overall picture.


Onnit Logo1

The health and wellness company, based in Texas, offers a wide range of supplements and nutrition packaged through its e-commerce online platform. The brand is widely recognized and respected across the globe for high quality and impressive effectiveness.

On it is specialized in the production and distribution of naturally derived supplements, which are based on the world’s latest research and studies. All the products, sold on the website, are certified and have a complete description of composition and health benefits.

Another section of the company’s catalog is functional fitness equipment. The brand owners several gyms across the USA and is a real expert in terms of sports and well-being, so the equipment they offer on their online platform is definitely worth looking at.

Today the e-commerce platform offers to ship across the United States, but as the company is constantly growing, it can start expanding to international markets pretty soon.