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Zivame is an Indian online retailer, which specializes in women’s lingerie and sleepwear. The company was established in 2011 and operates across India. The e-store has a wide selection of items and offers also sports and activewear for ladies and girls.

Meaning and history

Zivame Logo history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is simple and elegant, there is a touch of oriental sophistication in its logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem on the left.

The color palette of the company’s visual identity is also a reflection of elegance and finesse. Containing a peach-pink, white and black colors, it creates a tender feminine mood, evoking a kind and welcoming feeling.

The emblem of the e-commerce platform is composed of a peach/pink solid circle with a white letter “Z” in it. The letter has it’s tail elongated and going out on the left of the circle. The emblem is also used as the web and mobile icon, on its own, without any additional lettering.

The peach shade of the symbol is balanced by a tagline executed in the same color. The “Love yourself Inside Out” written in the script and placed under the main wordmark, is a delicate colorful addition to the modest logo.

2011 – 2019

Zivame Logo 2011

The first logo for “Zivame” presents a stylish and feminine design with the brand name in a soft, rounded sans-serif typeface. The lettering is in a gradient of pink, starting with a darker shade at the top and gently fading to a lighter hue at the bottom, creating a sense of warmth and approachability. The initial “Z” is slightly larger than the rest of the letters, giving it prominence and making it a focal point. The dot over the “i” is elevated, adding a playful touch to the logo. The rounded forms of the letters are smooth and continuous, comfort and fluidity, which are reflective of the brand’s products, catering to intimate apparel for women.

2019 – Today

Zivame Logo

This logo also features the brand name “Zivame,” but in a more reserved and classic style. The “Z” is encased in a coral-colored circle, drawing attention and giving the letter an emblematic quality. The rest of the name is in a sleek, black serif font, which contrasts with the more whimsical “Z,” suggesting a blend of creativity and tradition. This design choice indicates a brand that values elegance and sophistication but is not afraid to incorporate unique elements into its identity. The serif font adds a timeless aspect to the logo, implying reliability and quality.


The wordmark, “zivame.com” has all the letters except for “I” in the lowercase. The nameplate is executed in a custom serif typeface, which is based on the legendary Didot font, but with the ends of the letters “M” elongated and curved to the right, repeating the tail of the “A”.

“M” is the element, which adds playfulness and uniqueness to the whole logo, while all the other letters of the inscription represent elegance and value of traditions and heritage.


The e-commerce platform specializes in selling lingerie products, had a wide audience across India, as it offers a huge selection of lingerie, sleep, and loungewear for women of all sizes and style preferences.

The online catalog enables browsing products by collection, by brand or by style and offers a special quiz to find out your right size, not to make a mistake when ordering.

Another popular category is shapewear, here the items are classified by target area and control level, which makes shopping really easy.

The company offers complimentary delivery service on some orders and a 15-day window for returns and exchanges.

The online retailer’s mobile application is designed in order to make the ladies’ shopping experience more pleasant and comfortable. There are versions for both iOS and Android operating systems.