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Jurllyshe, a digital retail entity specializing in contemporary attire, has garnered attention for offering chic yet economical fashion pieces and adornments. This virtual marketplace has distinguished itself by providing a diverse array of voguish yet pocket-friendly garments and complements. With a keen eye for what’s in vogue, Jurllyshe supplies consumers with a plethora of options from casual wear to statement pieces, ensuring that style-savvy individuals can curate their wardrobes without straining their finances. Their collection not only captures the essence of current trends but also provides a wide selection, making fashionable dressing accessible and affordable.

Meaning and history

Jurllyshe, an e-commerce company focusing on fashion, started its journey in 2011 and became well-known for trendy yet affordable clothing and accessories. Initially named AfricanMall, the brand rebranded to Jurllyshe in 2020, specializing in apparel that celebrates and enhances the figures of black women. Its product range includes jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, blouses, shoes for both men and women, and beauty products like cosmetics and facial care items. Jurllyshe operates from China and ships internationally, primarily to North America, Europe, the UK, and Australia. The identity of the owner or precise details about the owning company are not readily available. Jurllyshe’s mission is to provide customers with exclusive styles at low prices, emphasizing outstanding customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction with each purchase. The website is user-friendly, providing extensive product information and reviews to aid in informed shopping decisions​​​​​​.


Jurllyshe Logo

The design consists of a shield-like shape with a dynamic, flame-like contour on the top. Inside, the brand name “Jurllyshe” is written in a unique, flowing script that conveys a sense of modernity and style. The letters are large and rounded, with exaggerated loops on the ‘y’s that give the text an energetic and youthful appeal. The entire logo is in black against a white background, emphasizing stark contrast and making it stand out.