O’Neill Logo

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O’Neil is an American brand of surf and snowboard apparel, which was established by Jack O’Neil in 1952 in California. The brand became synonymous to surf lifestyle and is highly recognizable across the globe.

Meaning and history

The O’Neil logo is a reflection of surfing aesthetics. It is composed of a wordmark and the famous brand symbol on its right.

The wordmark in all-caps is executed using the classic typeface, which has clear rounded lines and is slightly italicized. The letters “E” and “L” with their smooth angles resemble of a water flow.

Logo O'Neill

The O’Neil emblem is an image of a breaking surf wave and is known worldwide as a “Wave logo”.

The brand’s visual identity features monochrome palette, which adds power and strength to the brand. It looks confident and trustworthy, while the wave icon adds a sense of freedom and energy.

The O’Neil logo is a great example of sports and youthfulness celebration. It is a progressive brand, which values quality and individuality.

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