Jacques Dessange Logo

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Jacques Dessange Logo
Jacques Dessange is a brand of haircare product and salons, which was founded in 1954 in Paris and named after its creator. The brand has one of the largest franchise chains in the world — more than 350 beauty salons in over 30 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Jaques Dessange salons are well known in Europe, Russia and many other countries worldwide. It is a quality mark of haircare and styling. The brand’s logo features a wordmark with the name of the company’s founder and mastermind.
There were several modifications of the Jacques Dessange logo during its history, but they all were black-and white, and all were composed of the name.
Logo Jacques Dessange

The current Jacques Dessange logo is executed in a modern classic typeface with fine thin lines of the letters. It is written in all-caps, and uses only second name of the creator, Dessange.
Before the redesign, the brand’s identity included the whole name of the master and it was placed above the “Dessange” part in a smaller lettering, but also all-caps: the old logo also features an underline with the “Paris” in capital letters as well.
The Jacques Dessange logo is laconic and stylish. It shows the brand as confident and trustworthy, reflecting the brand’s values of beauty and quality.