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The Chopard brand has shown that a logo may look elegant and refined, and yet very simple and clear.

Meaning and history

Chopard Logo history

The original logo featured the letters “L.U.C.,” the initials of the company founder. The wordmark was replaced by the family name after the founder’s death. Upon moving its headquarters to Geneva in 1937, the brand included the name of the city in its emblem.

1860 – 1985

Chopard Logo 1860

1985 – Today

Chopard logo

The current version of the Chopard logo was adopted in 1985.


The current emblem features a combination of two typefaces. The word “Chopard” appears to be a custom calligraphy based on formal English scripts. If you want to find a typeface looking very much like this one, you may explore Kunstlerschreibschrift Medium and the Ambassador Script, as well as Exmouth. Some of the distinctive features of the lettering are the open bottom edge of the “p” and the characteristic curve on the initial “C.”

The word “Geneve” is given in a simpler type. The clean sans serif font consists of block capitals. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that even these comparatively minimalistic glyphs are unique and elegant due to the sharp angles on the ends.


Chopard emblem

The designer of the Chopard logo opted for the color scheme that is incredibly popular in emblems of fashion and jewelry houses, as well as luxury watch brands, – the combination of black and white.