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Olympic Air is an airline based in Greece, primarily operating domestic and international flights. The company is owned by Aegean Airlines, the largest Greek airline. Olympic Air serves numerous destinations in Greece, including popular islands such as Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini. Additionally, it offers international connections to major European cities. The airline is known for its reliable service and commitment to passenger satisfaction, making it a preferred choice for travelers in the region.

Meaning and history

Olympic Air Logo history

Olympic Air is an airline founded by the Greek government in 2009. It emerged after the privatization of the former national carrier, Olympic Airlines. It quickly established itself as a major player in the Greek aviation industry. Olympic Air achieved significant milestones, such as expanding its route network, modernizing its fleet with new aircraft, and enhancing its services to provide a seamless travel experience. The company played a vital role in connecting Greece to various international destinations, promoting tourism and business opportunities. Olympic Air continues to operate as a key airline in Greece, serving domestic and international routes, and maintaining a reputation for quality and reliability in the industry.

What is Olympic Air?
Olympic Air is a Greek airline company that operates both domestic and international flights. It serves as the flag carrier of Greece and has its main hub at Athens International Airport. Olympic Air offers a range of services to passengers, including scheduled flights, charter flights, and cargo transportation, connecting Greece to various destinations around the world.

1957 – 2009

Olympic Air Logo 1957

The first logo of Olympic Air company was created at the end of the 1950s and stayed in use by the air carrier for more than fifty years. It was an emblem of six Olympic rings connected in a vertical composition, set on the left from the stylized solid blue lettering with an uppercase “Airlines” tagline.

2009 – now

Olympic Air Logo

The redesign of 2009 removed the tagline from the logo and rewritten the main wordmark in a deeper and brighter shade of blue, which made the sharp stylized characters look more modern and energetic. As for the emblem, it remained absolutely the same, with just two segments switched to green ones from sky-blue, and one — from red to blue.

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