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Gabon Airlines is a prominent airline today, providing domestic and international flight services. It is privately owned and operates as a subsidiary of the Gabonese government. The airline’s main hub is located at Libreville Leon Mba International Airport, enabling convenient connections within Africa and beyond. With a modern fleet and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Gabon Airlines continues to play a vital role in the aviation industry, serving both leisure and business travelers with efficiency and comfort.

Meaning and history

Gabon Airlines Logo history

Gabon Airlines is an airline company founded by the Gabonese government in 2007. With a focus on providing excellent air travel services, it has achieved significant milestones over the years. The airline boasts a modern fleet of aircraft, offering domestic and international flights to various destinations. Gabon Airlines has prioritized safety and customer satisfaction, ensuring a comfortable and secure travel experience for passengers. The company has also established partnerships with other airlines, expanding its reach and enhancing connectivity. Currently, Gabon Airlines continues to thrive in the aviation industry, maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality services and contributing to the growth of Gabon’s tourism and transportation sectors.

What is Gabon Airlines?
Gabon Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Gabon, a country located in Central Africa. The airline provides domestic and international air travel services, connecting Gabon with various destinations in Africa and beyond. With a focus on passenger comfort and safety, Gabon Airlines offers a range of services to cater to the needs of travelers.

1951 – 2006

Gabon Airlines Logo 1951

The original Gabon Airlines badge, designed in the middle of the 20th century, looked super cool and futuristic for its times. It was a bold blue inscription in the uppercase of an extra-black geometric sans-serif typeface, set under a green emblem depicting an abstract bird, made up of geometric elements.

2007 – now

Gabon Airlines Logo

The redesign of 2007 has introduced an elegant blue and white logo of the company, which depicts a two-leveled lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface, and an emblem, set in the left part of the badge, and drawn in a shape of the plane’s tail, crossed by a smooth wavy line in a lighter shade of blue.