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The national flag carrier of Pakistan was established on 29 October 1946 under the name of Orient Airways. The main hub of Pakistan International Airlines is Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

Meaning and history

Pakistan International Airlines Logo history


Pakistan International Airlines Logo-2018

The logo, created for Pakistan International Airlines in 2018 looked very elegant and light. It was composed of a gradient green (color of the national flag of Pakistan) sophisticated Arabic letters with elongated and curved lines, placed in the upper left corner of the composition, on the left from the enlarged “PIA” abbreviation in capital blue letters of a custom sans-serif typeface, with some unique arches in the bars, and a three-leveled inscription on its right. The whole wordmark was executed in the same typeface and color as the abbreviation but featured a smaller size of its capitals, thinner lines, and a darker and even shade of blue.

2019 – Today

Pakistan International Airlines Logo

The Pakistan International Airlines logo has a luxurious oriental style. The palette combines a noble shade of gold with a deep yet saturated dark green. The wordmark features the name of the company in two languages. The English one occupies more space. The word “Pakistan” dominates the design.

The typeface has a beautiful, elegant style. You can feel it in the artistic serifs created with great attention to detail.