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OLT Express is a prominent airline today, specializing in providing efficient air travel services. The company’s owner is a leading aviation conglomerate, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. OLT Express operates across multiple destinations, catering to both domestic and international routes. With a strong presence in major airports, the company ensures seamless connectivity and convenient travel experiences for passengers.

Meaning and history

OLT Express Logo

OLT Express is an airline that was founded by Piotr Jaworowicz in 2011. Since its establishment, the company has achieved significant milestones in the aviation industry. It quickly expanded its fleet and route network, becoming one of the leading regional carriers in Europe. OLT Express focused on providing high-quality service and affordable fares to passengers. However, the company faced financial difficulties in 2013 and underwent restructuring. Currently, OLT Express operates on a reduced scale and primarily serves domestic destinations. Despite the challenges, the airline remains committed to delivering reliable air travel options to its customers.

What is OLT Express?
OLT Express was a regional airline that operated primarily in Europe. However, OLT Express has ceased operations. It provided scheduled and charter flights to various destinations, but due to financial difficulties, the airline filed for bankruptcy and suspended its services.

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