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Oliver Wyman is a global consulting firm with offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. At the same time, the main office of the company is located in New York. It should also be noted that the famous American business magazine Fortune has listed Oliver Wyman in the top 100 best companies of 2019.

Meaning and history

Oliver Wyman Logo history

Oliver Wyman is a global consulting company whose history began in 1984. It was then that Alex Oliver and Bill Wyman organized a company that was to become an assistant for managers of various levels.

Today Oliver Wyman is one of the leading companies of the so-called Tier-2 global consulting. The company specializes in projects for the financial industry, especially in projects in risk and other data-driven solutions for banks. In addition to consulting, Oliver Wyman is engaged in research and development, publishing books, its own periodicals, research reports, and articles in the specialized press.

Oliver Wyman consultants provide their services to solve issues in a variety of business areas: digital technologies, corporate finance, innovation, risk management, marketing, etc. One of the most popular services of this company is business digitization, which allows it to anticipate and neutralize strategic threats. Oliver Wyman specialists regularly provide innovative ideas that allow you to act quickly and successfully in any situation.

Oliver Wyman is owned by an even larger corporation, the American Marsh McLennan. Marsh McLennan is a global professional services firm headquartered in New York City and engaged in insurance brokerage, risk management, reinsurance, talent management, investment advisory, and management consulting.

What is Oliver Wyman?
Oliver Wyman is the name of a global consulting firm with offices in more than 60 cities in almost 30 countries. It specializes in management consulting, including strategic management, risk management, and more. Thousands of the company’s professionals help clients optimize their firms, and improve their operations and risk profile.

In terms of visual identity, Oliver Wyman is laconic yet at the same time progressive, due to the use of an interesting geometric emblem, which balances the simplicity of the lettering part.

1984 – ????

Oliver Wyman Logo 1984

The older Oliver Wyman badge featured bold lines and massive shapes both of the emblem and the uppercase wordmark. The emblem of the consulting company depicted a stylized three-dimensional infinity sign made of different geometric figures in four shapes of blue, which created a sense of motion. The wordmark, placed on the right from the graphical part, was written in one of the light blue shades, and executed in a sharp sans-serif typeface with straight distinctive cuts.

???? – Today

Oliver Wyman Logo

After the redesign, the composition of the Oliver Wyman logo hasn’t changed much — it is still an infinity emblem, followed by the lettering. But the style and color of both elements were completely rethought. Now the badge is executed in one shade — dark blue, which symbolizes reliability and precision. The infinity emblem looks like the capital “S”, lying horizontally, and with its contour slightly stretched. The insignia was switched to a title case, and the style of the new typeface is more traditional and calm.

Font and color

Oliver Wyman Emblem

The bold yet modest lettering from the primary Oliver Wyman logo is set in a classy sans-serif typeface with full-shaped characters and clean contours. The font, used here looks pretty close to such commercial analogs as FF Neuwelttrade, or TT Wellingtons.

As for the color palette of the Oliver Wyman visual identity, it is blue and white, shades, that represent the stability and confidence of the company, and evoke such feelings as excellence, security, and trustworthiness.