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George Washington University Logo
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George Washington University is an American popularly open institution, formed in 1821 as Columbian College and now headquartered in Washington, D.C. They teach their students how to research, analyze and use theoretical information in practice. The university offers many educational programs with humanitarian and mechanical incline, oriented on business, science and politics. The GWU structure consists of numerous schools, colleges and labs, located in the United States.

Meaning and history

The university was financed by the Congress of the United States in 1821. The main mastermind and manager of the whole affair was George Washington. At the start, it was known as Columbian College. That time, its authority was liberal arts and sciences studying, and the educational programs specialized in these areas. Then, it was transformed into Columbian University. In 1904, the institution was renovated once again: its facilities entered the new university, named after George Washington. Since then, George Washington University has been using a special seal and logotype.

What is George Washington University?
George Washington University is a large state-sponsored researching institution, located in the United States. It’s the largest university in the District of Columbia, which provides people with a professional  preparation in the fields of liberal arts and natural sciences. This university was initially founded as a facility to educate future politicians, businessmen and scholars. The main direction of this university is associated with politics and economics. There are many colleges and schools, which suggest their own programs of study.

1904 – today

George Washington University Logo 1904

The seal of the university consists of a circular frame, divided into many small sectors and skewed rectangles. On the frame itself, there is an inscription with the year of foundation and the name of the institution. Inside the frame, there is a shield. At its top, we can see a book with scribbled inscription. Below it, the portrait of George Washington is showing off. At the perimeter of the shield, the designers have written the motto – ‘Deus NobisFeducia’, which means ‘God is Our Trust’.

1904 – today

George Washington University Logo

The primary logotype of George Washington University depicts just its name, written in a three-line inscription. The wording is bordered from up and down by somewhat bold lines. At the bottom of the logo, they’ve written the address of the university.


The university design team has developed two different font schemes. For the seal variant of the name, they use a bold script with uppercase letters, which have prominent serifs and wide gaps in between. The motto has the similar type, but lightened a bit. The nameplate in the primary logotype of the university has used quite a bold script with capitalized letters. The address at the bottom is featured in a slimmer version of this font.


George Washington University Logo Color

Historically, the color palette of George Washington had a blue shade as the main one for its brand identity. All elements of the university seal are colored bright blue, which distinct them on the white background of official papers and documents. The inscriptions in the main logotype have a deep blue coloring. A notable feature of this logo is bright brown lines above and below the name.