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While the logo of the Australian rugby league football club North Queensland Cowboys has gone through two modifications, it has remained consistent in its core image – the top of the head with horns.

Meaning and history

North Queensland Cowboys Logo history

1995 — 1997

North Queensland Cowboys Logo 1995

To understand the North Queensland Cowboys logo better, let’s start from the name of the team and find out how and why it was chosen.

When the club was established in 1995, the founders analyzed a variety of potential names, including Marlins, Stingrays, and Crocodiles. Eventually, the word “Cowboys” was chosen, as the founders supposed it fit the spirit of the club best. By the way, the version “Crocodiles” was exceptionally popular, and as the club opted for another name, the name “Crocodiles” was given to Townsville’s National Basketball League.

The bold and free cowboy spirit was captured in a logo introduced the same year. The emblem featuring two sharp horns was its visual center. The emblem was dominated by navy and gray with yellow and white accents. The background was also white. Below the picture, there was the word “Cowboys” in a rather heavy bold type with slab serifs. The letters had varying height: the glyphs on the sides were higher than those in the middle.

1998 — 2002

North Queensland Cowboys Logo 1998

The original logo was in use for a couple of seasons until in 1998 it was slightly updated. Now, the emblem and the wordmark were housed in a yellow ellipse with a white and navy outlines. Apart from the background shape, the logo appeared pretty much the same.

2003 — now

North Queensland Cowboys logo

The ellipse logo lasted about five playing seasons. In 2004, it was replaced by a slightly modified one. The most obvious update was the five-pointed yellow star with a navy border that replaced the oval.

The letters now had the same height. The gray disappeared from the palette, while the navy became somewhat brighter and clearer.


North Queensland Cowboys

While the logo has always featured a heavy slab serif font, it wasn’t the same. The glyphs were redrawn for the 2004 emblem. Having preserved the overall style and the distinctive slab serifs, they have a different shape now.

North Queensland Cowboys symbol


North Queensland Cowboys Logo rugby

Navy blue and yellow were the team’s official colors since its early days. The founders opted for the palette because it was linked with the colors of the Townsville representative sides. The palette also included white (as a primary color) and gray (as a secondary color).

North Queensland Cowboys emblem

The current North Queensland Cowboys logo features navy, yellow, and white.