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While the logo of the Newcastle Knights has gone through two updates, the modifications have been quite subtle. The emblem has remained consistent in its overall structure, shape, and palette.

Meaning and history

Newcastle Knights Logo history

The original Newcastle Knights logo was based on a shield with a rather thick blue border. Inside the shield, there was a side view of a medieval knight’s helmet with a long red hackle. The helmet was white with the black border, the hackle was red. On the background, there was a bright blue shape. Inside the shield, you could also see the text “Newcastle” in blue (above the helmet) and “Knights” in black (below the helmet). Each of the words featured a different decorative type. In the case of the word “Knights,” the letters were ornamental to the point when it damaged legibility.

1988 — 1997

Newcastle Knights Logo-1988

The difference between the updated emblem and its predecessor were so subtle that some fans probably wouldn’t have noticed them unless they compared the two versions side by side.

The shield was replaced by a square with a thinner border. The helmet was redrawn, which resulted in a sleeker design. The hackle grew more prominent. Both blue and red appeared slightly darker and more saturated.

The problem with legibility was solved (almost). The word “Newcastle” was now given in capitals. Although they were somewhat thin, they still looked more legible than the ornamental type on the previous logo. As for the text “Knights,” the letters became by far larger. Now, they spread beyond the borders of the square. The large “K” merged in the helmet design due to the extended top right end, which became part of the helmet.

1998 — 2007

Newcastle Knights Logo-1998

Apart from a couple of new strokes here and there and a lighter shade of blue, the 1998 logo looks almost exactly like its predecessor. We can point out the way the letter “K” is tied with the emblem.

2008 — 2019

Newcastle Knights Logo-2008

2020 — now

Newcastle Knights logo


Newcastle Knights

There’re two completely different types on the Newcastle Knights logo. The custom font used for the word “Knights” has a medieval feel that fits the name of the team and the helmet design perfectly. In spite of its unique style, the text is pretty legible both at smaller and larger sizes. The word “Newcastle” is given in a clean sans serif type with rather regular glyphs.


Newcastle Knights Logo rugby

While the official palette has always been built up of red, blue, and white, there has been some playing around with the shades over the club’s history. As for the logotype, it has always featured black in addition to the three colors mentioned above.