Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Logo

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs logo

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs logo has gone through several modifications. This is hardly a surprise as the rugby league football team has over 80 years of history, and its name was changed several times, too.

Meaning and history

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs logo history

When the club was founded in 1935, it was called “Canterbury-Bankstown.” There weren’t any bulldogs neither in the name nor in the logo. The crest featured a shield with the letters “C” and “B.”


Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs symbol

The word “Bulldogs” was adopted in 1978. The same year, a roundel emblem with a white bulldog was introduced.

It stayed in use until 1997, when the team unveiled another emblem. Now, there was only the bulldog’s head and the word “Bulldogs.”


Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs emblem

Eventually, in 2009, the team adopted a shield with a white, black, and gray bulldog. The dog looked somewhat similar to the original one from the 1978 logo, although it was designed at a higher professional level.


Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

The official palette is as simple as blue and white. For most of the team’s history, the jerseys have featured this combination. It was only during the Second World War that the blue and white strip was replaced by a maroon background and blue “V.” The modification was the result of rationing.

As for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs logo, however, it comprises a couple of additional colors, namely gray and black.