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Nordwind Airlines is a renowned Russian airline that operates both domestic and international flights. The company specializes in providing passenger and cargo transportation services. As for ownership, Nordwind Airlines is privately held. The company’s extensive route network covers numerous destinations across Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it a key player in the aviation industry. With its fleet of modern aircraft, Nordwind Airlines ensures high-quality service and comfortable travel experiences for its customers.

Meaning and history

Nordwind Airlines Logo history

Nordwind Airlines, founded by Alexander Lebedev in 2008, is a Russian airline that has made significant achievements in the aviation industry. With a fleet of over 40 aircraft, Nordwind Airlines operates both domestic and international flights, serving popular destinations across Europe, Asia, and Africa. The airline has received several awards for its exceptional service and operational excellence. Nordwind Airlines is known for its focus on customer satisfaction, offering comfortable cabins and a wide range of amenities. As of now, the airline continues to expand its route network and enhance its services, solidifying its position as a key player in the global aviation market.

What is Nordwind Airlines?
Nordwind Airlines is a Russian airline known for its extensive flight network and diverse range of services. Established in 2008, Nordwind Airlines has grown to become one of the largest private airlines in Russia, offering both domestic and international flights to various destinations. The airline is renowned for its modern fleet, comfortable cabins, and customer-centric approach, providing a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

2008 – 2017

Nordwind Airlines Logo 2008

The original Nordwind Airlines badge, introduced in 2008, featured a dark-red trapezoid plane tail, with a massive white five-pointed star in its upper part and a two-leveled lowercase inscription, with the bold white “Nordwind” and the medium-weight yellow “Airlines” at the bottom.

2017 – Today

Nordwind Airlines Logo

The redesign of 2017 has simplified the composition of the Nordwind Airlines logo, and now it is composed of a massive red emblem, depicting a stylized “N”, set in the left from the black two-leveled lettering in a delicate sans-serif typeface.

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