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While even the old logo of the Nordea Bank was not cluttered, the current version is an example of a minimalist design.

Meaning and history


Nordea Logo history

2000 – 2016


Nordea Bank Logo 2000

The original Nordea logo, which was developed by Landor Associates, featured the company name paired with the emblem. The emblem depicted a stylized sail. While the symbol added some dynamism, the sail does not seem an excellent choice for a bank as the sea is often connected with uncertainty. Also, it was not obvious at first glance what the emblem represented.

While the name of the brand looked stylish due to its streamline typography, we cannot say it somehow conjured up any ideas beneficial for a bank. It had a nautical feel and would have made a great logo for a swimwear brand.

2016 – Today


Nordea Bank logo

The designers have muted the “nautical” theme by removing the sail altogether. Instead, they have added a pulsating graphic, which is supposed to symbolize “a bank with a human and financial pulse.” Unlike the previous symbol, though, it is not usually used in the bank’s primary logo but only as an optional part.


The type has remained the same in its essence but the proportions have been modified – they have been straightened up into a more average geometric shape.

Emblem Nordea


The shade of blue featured in the Nordea logo has the following index in the Pantone Color Matching System: PMS C: Dark Blue C (+V2) and PMS U: 286 U (according to the brand’s official website). The hex code is #0000a0. A black-and-white version is also appropriate.

Company overview

Nordea Bank Abp is a financial services group. While it was officially established in 2000, its roots can be traced back to 1848, when its predecessor, Christiania Bank, was founded.

Nordea is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and works throughout northern Europe. Over its long history, it has merged with and acquired almost ten banks. As of 2020, the bank has more than 1,400 branches and operates in twenty countries. The number of private customers reaches 11 million, while the number of corporate customers reaches 700,000.