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Nomura is a holding company located in Japan and established in the middle of the 1920s. It operates financial, banking, security, broker-dealer and investment services to individual, corporate or government customers across the globe. This is one of the largest Japanese companies, specializing in this sphere. Nomura Holdings carries its own Nomura group, through which it maintains many sub companies, all related to security and finances.

Meaning and history

Nomura Logo history

Nomura appeared in 1925 as a company principally focused on security and specialized in the bond market. This name derives from the surname of the business’ father, Tokushichi Nomura II. Initially, the company was meant to join the western and eastern businessmen, so their operations were held both in Japanese and English. Just like many other Japanese conglomerates (zaibatsu), Nomura traces back to Osaka region. In 1938, Nomura got access to the stock exchange, while in 1961, it became public.

What is Nomura?
Nomura is the largest Japanese broker company headquartered in Tokyo and founded in 1925. Along with brokering ones, Nomura offers financial, security, investment, and many other types of services for the customers from Japan and foreign countries. Nomura serves as a window between Eastern and Western trade markets.

1925 – 2005

Nomura Logo 1925

2005 – today

Nomura Logo

The official logotype developed by the Nomura brand designers is the company nameplate.


Nomura Symbol

The font of the Nomura signboard represents bold sans-serif letters with small intervals in between. The ‘m’ character is styled as two topsy-turvy ‘V’ characters, whereas one letter covers another.


Nomura Emblem

Traditionally, the color palette of the Nomura logo represents black shade for the name and white in cases if there is the background.