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While the Nixon logo may look pretty minimalist, this seeming simplicity is deceptive. In fact, the design has a deep symbolic meaning

Meaning and history

Nixon was established in 1997 in Encinitas, California, US. The company makes watches and accessories and is also known as an audio brand.

Nixon Logo


The first part of the logo, the lettering “Nixon,” features an austere sans. The type is rather light, with generous breathing space between the letters, although it is in no way ethereal. The “X” glyph in the middle of the word and the two “N’s” on the sides add an illusion of symmetry.

To the right of the word, there is an icon. To decipher its message, we should first mention that it comprises three components, each having a meaning of its own. The white component inside is a stylized depiction of the bottom of the hourglass. The outside shape symbolizes the wings of time. Together, they form a single shape symbolizing a flame.

Nixon Emblem

Why have all these symbols been chosen? What do they share in common and how is it related to the Nixon brand? As the company explains, each of the symbols represents something that is timeless. In addition to referring to the “timeless” elegance and quality of Nixon’s products, the message behind the Nixon logo also has a more direct meaning as a reference to something connected with the time.