Vita Coco has changed its logo and packaging

Vita Coco, one of the leading vendors of coconut water in the global market, has changed its packaging and logo. Vita Coco has become the number one coconut water brand not by chasing trends or popularity, but by trying to make the best quality beverage for people, which not simply quenches your thirst but is good for health. According to the company statements, despite the higher costs, Vita Coco uses only fresh coconut water not concentrate in all its produce, that has become one of its key points of distinction from competitors.

Established in 2004, New York-based company managed not only to make coconut water an ordinary mainstream beverage but transform it into a premium lifestyle drink, maintaining a can-do culture by the brand growth from a small firm to a leader in its sphere, selling flavoured coconut water in 30 countries.


The company decided to renovate the logo, packaging, and overall identity to show consumers the evolution of the brand and gained achievements during the 15 years of its work. Taking into account the successful results of the previous collaboration, Vita Coco invited Interesting Development to make the redesign, because the agency, according to Allison Finazzo, the director of the popular packaged coconut water manufacturer, already had a strong sense of how delicate it is to evolve a visual identity and how to do it subtly and with nuances in order not to disserve the recognition.

The first logo variant retained images of coconuts and palm trees to show that till the present day coconuts are delivered from family farms even as later products expands into more conventional retailers. But in the final version the “stylized fruit”, usually utilized by other beverage brands, was excluded, and the illustration style was simplified, contributing to the more unique and up-to-date features of the new corporate emblem. The packaging will keep palm-trees illustrations but they also got refreshed design. The roll out of the renewed beverage look in stores and online is planned to be done within the next few months.