Varta updates its logo

Founded in 1887, Varta is a German company manufacturing batteries for global consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Celebrating the most successful recent year in its history, the brand has announced a new logo as well as a renovated brand strategy.

The Ellwangen-based battery company is staying in the fast lane. With its record high share price and top income last year, Varta shows a great development dynamics even after 135 years since its inception, and now this success is getting an additional impact with a new emblem and an updated brand policy. While Varta has previously had the slogan “In serving for you”, it is now saying “Empowering Independence” that is intended to emphasize Varta’s role in the global tendency to electromobility. “We determine the future of the battery technologies to ensure a more independent life”, the company claims.

The new brand positioning is supported by a refreshed logotype as well. The emblem was created in cooperation with the Vienna-based design agency BueroX and its division in New York. Compared to Varta’s previous logo, the yellow triangle, representing a flashlight beam, was enlarged, and the wordmark received a bit wider “V” and “A” to better fit the logo’s proportion.

According to Andreas Fritz, the head of the marketing group of Varta AG, the new visual identity reflects the changes in the company which make it more remarkable globally. The brand, logo and other corporative projects are in harmony with each other for a stronger future.