Sechelt unveils new brand

The council of Sechelt, British Columbia, has approved a plan for changing the brand, but the council members still have to decide which of the final logo variants will be the next symbol of the district.

The main element of all the three visual brand versions feature the big letter “S” with patterns symbolizing the sun, mountains and sea. This brand evolved from a graffiti project launched by the authorities a year ago. Looking at wall posters placed over the Sechelt neighbourhoods, the residents were sharing their opinions about it, and expressing their vision of the image of Sechelt.

To give the district a new identity, the Sechelt Community Brand Task Force was formed. After five months of joint work, this team led by Bill Downie, the head of Pear Advertising+Design, created the Sechelt brand based on the results of the graffiti project and the official District development plans.

According to an official statement, the Sechelt brand is more than a logo. It is intended to tell about the District, the whole region of Sunshine Coast, people who live here and their values – community, creativity, sustainability and progress. The brand set also includes the tagline “The heart of the Sunshine Coast” with the highlighted “art” in the word “heart” – this means Sechelt is the mid-way point of the Sunshine Coast as well as the artistic spirit of the local community.