DesignStudio creates new “squiggly” visual identity for Mind charity

Founded in 1948, Mind is a mental health charity operating in England and Wales. It gives support for people with mental disorders, offering information and advice, and also lobbies governmental and municipal institutions on mental health issues. Recently, the organization has refreshed its visual identity to show more clearly its focusing on social changes.

To overhaul its branding, Mind hired DesignStudio that updated the charity’s scribble logo and developed some other brand features, basing on Mind’s traditional imagery. The studio has worked on this project for more than a year, starting even before the first lockdown had been declared in the United Kingdom.

Since 2014, Mind has used a scribble logo, symbolizing a mind full of thoughts, which has become truly loved and iconic over the years. Analyzing the emblem, DesignStudio figured out the way it should be modernized to better reflect Mind’s authentic personality and fighting spirit. According to Vinay Mistry, the studio’s creative director, “hundreds of squiggles” were drawn to create the perfect brand.

As a result, the Mind logo was executed with different scribbles and thicker lines. The letterforms were somewhat altered as well. With brighter blue as a brand color, compared to the previous iteration, the design looks more cheerful, solid and confident now. In addition, DesignStudio created a Welsh version of the logo for the Mind Cymru subsidiary, a custom typeface (in cooperation with Monotype), called Mind Meridian, and a series of illustrations in a “squiggly” style.