The Future Business Leaders of America is a Virginia-based career and technical student organization. It has two emblems. One of them depicts a flag, while the other one is a crest with an eagle.

Meaning and history

The modern FBL logo was created in the 1990s. Prior to it, the organization had other emblems reflecting its earlier names (PBL, PD, and FBLA-ML).

Flag symbol

FBLA symbol

The primary FBLA logo consists of the name of the organization itself and a stylized graphic element that is most often called just the “flag.”

Crest emblem

emblem FBLA

The flag logo is placed into the center of the crest logo, where it is surrounded by the words “Service”, “Education”, and “Progress”. These elements are put into a shield shape topped by a gold eagle.


Font FBLA Logo

The FBLA logo with a flag features an italic all-cap serif font. It would have looked absolutely regular and traditional if not for the letter “L”. The vertical bar in it is longer than it should be, while the letter itself goes slightly out of the line, so its horizontal bar is placed below the letter “A”.


Color FBLA Logo

The “flag” logo contains two colors: red and blue. The dark, but saturated shade of blue used in the emblem goes under #286 in the Pantone system, while the shade of red goes under #193.

The eagle logo, which is also called the FBLA crest, is built around a completely different color scheme. It includes a darker shade of blue (Pantone #274) and a rather discreet shade of gold (Pantone #7404).

In cases when the two-color palette is impossible, the emblems may be printed in black or white. In case the original color schemes are used, they require white or light backgrounds to ensure legibility. If the background is dark or black, the emblem should represent a single-color white print.