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Since their first season, the New York Giants has had a succession of emblems looking very different from one another.

Meaning and history

New York Giants Logo history

The history of the New York Giants’ visual identity can be split into two periods — the graphical era, which started in the 1940s and lasted until the 1960s when the club switched to the modern era and began using text-based logos for its badges. The blue and white color palette, which is strongly associated with Giants today was set by the club in 1961 and has never left the emblem design since then.

1946 — 1949


The initial logo for New York Giants was designed in a traditional for its times’ manner — a football player in a red and white uniform, placed on an orange bag round of a horizontally oriented oval, aimed to repeat the shape of the ball. The “New York Football Giants” wordmark was arched along the perimeter of the badge, above the player’s figure, written in yellow capitals of a simple sans-serif typeface.

1950 — 1955

New York Giants Logo 1950

The badge from 1950 changed its shape from oval to circle, and the orange background — to red. In this version, the white and gray skyscrapers, drawn along the bottom line of the badge, were more visible than on the previous one, Rut to the elongation of its line and stronger color contrast. The player was now wearing a white uniform with blue lettering on it, and the ball in his hand was colored blue.

1956 — 1960

New York Giants Logo 1956

The redesign of 1956 framed the logo, drawing the upper part of the player with the football above the image of the Giants’ home stadium. The whole composition was executed in a light blue color palette which looked bright and fresh.

1961 — 1974

New York Giants Logo 1961

The new design era came to the New York Giants’ visual identity at the beginning of the 1960s, when the team started using a plain bold monogram as its primary logo. The very first version of the new style featured two lowercase “NY” letters in an extra-bold custom typeface with massive geometric serifs. The tail of the “Y” was elongated and curved, underlining the “N”. The Royal-blue color of the new insignia looked chic and confident on a white background. This badge is still used by Giants as the secondary version.


New York Giants Logo 1975

In 1975 the club decided to experiment with its logo and introduced its new version, where two white connected letters were outlined in blue. The “N” was capitalized, while the “Y” was written in the lowercase, with its tail forming two parallel thick lines under the whole monogram. This badge only stayed with the team for a few months and was replaced by a new emblem in 1976.

1976 — 1999

New York Giants Logo 1976

The redesign of 1976 emphasized the “Giants” part of the club’s name, writing it in a bold narrowed sans-serif, with its capital letters italicized and underlined. The symbols of the wordmark were placed pretty close to each other, touching each other’s bars, and looked solid and serious in a dark blue color. This version of the logo still can be seen, as the team uses it as a secondary one.

2000 — Today

New York Giants logo

New York Giants come back to the logo version of 1961 in 2000. The bold lowercase “NY” monogram in dark blue gains a delicate red outline and this is the only changed thing of the original version. This laconic yet bright and memorable insignia brilliantly reflects the club’s character and spirit, pointing to its professionalism and value of a good game.

The “NY” symbol

New York Giants symbol

Probably the most popular of all the New York Giants logos was first introduced for the 1961 season. Created by Marie Barclay Steinmuller, it was used for about 15 consecutive years and then replaced by a blue uppercase “NY” emblem. However, it did not stay long and was changed for the Giants script emblem the following season. In 2000 a tweaked lowercase “ny” emblem returned as the team’s primary logo.


Font New York Giants Logo

The current version of the New York Giants logo sports a customized lowercase typeface.


Color New York Giants Logo


The combination of dark blue and red, which is the basis of the emblem, stands out against the white background. These colors were used in the team’s logo for much of their history, with the exception of the first 25 years and the period from 1955 to 1976, when red was not present in the emblem.

New York Giants Colors

CMYK: (100, 75, 0, 30)
RGB: (1, 35, 82)
HEX: #0B2265;

CMYK: (20, 100, 80, 0)
RGB: (163, 13, 45)
HEX: #A71930;

CMYK: (5, 0, 0, 30)
RGB: (155, 161, 162)

Why did the Giants change their logo?
The professional club from New York has had several redesigns of its badge throughout its long history, and some of them were pretty dramatic, with a complete change of the visual identity. The first three badges of the team featured an image of a giant pitcher this logo was redesigned twice until the new era of the Giants’ visual identity started in 1961. The rethought badge featured a heavily stylized lowercase “NY” lettering. The badge was redesigned twice more, and finally, in 2000 the current version, fully based on the badge from 1961, saw the light. The minimalistic yet bright lettering reflects the spirit of the club’s players, their professionalism, and their determination.

Why is the NY Giants logo lowercase?
After the three first versions of the club’s logo, with the depiction of a Giant pitcher, drawn above the stadium, the club decided to completely rethink its identity, and did the following: removed all graphical elements, made the “NY” lettering the only symbol on the badge, and write it in the lowercase, as opposed to the name and the original badge of the club. The small characters are heavy and stable, and leave the “Giant” thing to the club and its players, not accenting on the logo, but on the game.

When did NY Giants change their logo?
The logo of the New York Giants club was changed several times throughout the years, and its logo history can be divided into two periods: the Giant Pitcher era, which lasted until 1961, and the lettering era, which is still on today. The latest redesign of the Giants badge was held in 2000, with the heavy geometric NY monogram from 1961 strengthened and brightened up.