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The rugby union team New South Wales Waratahs represents the majority of New South Wales in the Super Rugby competition.

Meaning and history

New South Wales Waratahs logo history

Ever since the New South Wales got its first rugby union team, its emblem has always featured the waratah, the state flower of the New South Wales.

Old symbol

New South Wales Waratahs symbol

The original New South Wales Waratahs logo was rather elaborate. Its visual center was the waratah flower, which was depicted in a pretty realistic style, with lots of red petals and three green leaves. Below, the lettering “Waratah Rugby” in black capitals could be seen. The glyphs were thin and elegant. While their overall shape was rather traditional, the letters featured tiny unique details visible at larger sizes.

The 2000 emblem

New South Wales Waratahs emblem

At the turn of the century, the club adopted a sleeker, more minimalistic and modern logo. Here, the waratah flower was highly stylized. There were fewer petals and no leaves. The petals grew larger. In the middle, there was a rugby ball of the same color as the petals. Both the ball and the petals had a somewhat similar shape.


New South Wales Waratahs

The sharp edges on the letters seem to “rhyme” with the edges of the petals right below the rugby ball.


New South Wales Waratahs logo rugby

The current New South Wales Waratahs logo combines a noble dark shade of red with dark blue and white for the background.

New South Wales logo