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The Queensland Reds play in the Southern Hemisphere’s Super Rugby competition representing the Australian state of Queensland.

Meaning and history

Queensland Reds logo history

Before 1996, the Queensland Reds were a representative team formed from the rugby union club competitions in Queensland.

Primary symbol

Queensland Reds symbol

The Queensland Reds logo is dominated by two elements. On the top, there’s a side view of a koala’s head. Below, there’s the lettering “Reds.” The text occupies a slightly larger surface, but it doesn’t dominate the emblem as the koala is also rather large and is positioned on the top. The two parts merge rather well.

The koala was chosen as a native Australian animal. The logo looks dynamic and energetic due to both the choice of color and shapes.

Commemorative emblem

Queensland Reds emblem

During the 2007 season, the team wore a shield comprising the four emblems used by the QRU over the past century. At the top left corner, you could see the Northern Rugby Union emblem used from 1882. At the top right corner, there was the crest used from 1910. The second row started with the 1935 logo, while the current logo depicting a koala could be seen at the bottom right corner.


Queensland Reds logo rugby

The extended end on the “R” and the way it curves helps to merge the wordmark with the soft outline of the koala above.


Queensland Reds

Throughout its history, the Queensland Reds logo has featured various shades of red/maroon.

Queensland Reds logo