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Neer is a Romanian online retailer of men and women clothing and accessories, along with small electronic appliances, gadgets and homeware goods. The company has a wide selection of products available for sale on its website and offers a fast nationwide delivery service to their customers.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is laconic yet sleek and classy. The logo is composed of a minimalist wordmark with an emblem on its left. The emblem is also used as the company’s signifier and a mobile application icon.

The visual identity of the online retailer is executed in a dark gray and red color palette, which is a reflection of elegance and power, a symbol of professionalism and expertise of the Romanian company.

The emblem is composed of a stylized letter “N”, written in the lowercase and composed of two sleek figures with a little space between them. One of the leaf-like shapes is colored red, while the second one is gray. For the mobile and web icon, the symbol is enclosed in a thin square frame, which is also gray.

Neer Logo

The logo of the online retailer is minimalist yet stylish and instantly recognizable. The sleek sophisticated emblem and a modest and laconic wordmark balance each other, creating a perfect example of the modern e-commerce platform’s visual identity.


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a thin rounded sans-serif typeface, which is close to Point Soft Book or Sequel Rounded fonts, but with the letter “R” modified. In the logotype, it had an open contour, which adds lightness and freshness to the inscription and shows the unique character of the company.


The e-commerce platform from Romania offers a wide range of products available with nationwide delivery. The company’s catalog includes such categories as the fashion for men and women, home textiles and decoration goods, along with small electronic devices and gadgets, maternity and baby products and sports apparel and equipment.

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This is a one-stop shopping destination, which provides an excellent client support service and does its best for its customers to have a big selection of items to choose from and to get their orders safely and in time.

The company offers a secure payment system and a fast-tracked delivery, along with a flexible return and exchange policy.