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Navitel is a German brand of navigation software development company, founded in 2006. Today it is one of the most popular companies in its field with more than 40 million users worldwide.

Meaning and history

The Navitel logo is fresh bright, yet very well-balanced. Its neat wordmark is executed in classic sans serif font with fine straight line. The nameplate uses two colors — black and green — to split the name in two parts “Navi” and “Tel”.

Logo Navitel

The logo consists of two parts: the wordmark and the emblem of the company. The Navitel emblem is a green globe, which represents what brand specializes in.

The green color is a symbol of Earth and life, it evokes calm and harmonizing feelings, while adding freshness to the brand’s visual identity.

Navitel logo

The Navitel logo is simple yet says a lot about it’s brand. It reflects the responsibility in providing the best technologies and quality.