National Basketball League of Canada Logo

National Basketball League of Canada Logo

Since its formation in 2011 the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada) has had only one logo.

The logo features a white silhouette of a basketball player placed against the background of a maple leaf. The player is going up for a dunk, which conveys the fast-paced nature of the sport.

National Basketball League of Canada Logo history

The right half of the maple leaf is red, while the left half is black. The white lines simulate the basketball stitching. There are seven tips on both sides of the leaf. They refer to the “Original Seven” teams that joined the league in 2011. The leaf is stylized to look as if it is on fire to showcase will and determination.

The wordmark “National Basketball League of Canada” in a bold sans serif font is to the right. The inclined letters are indicative of the fluid nature of the game.

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The color scheme of the NBL Canada logo represents the official colors of the league (red, black and white). Besides, red and white are the national colors of Canada. Coupled with the maple leaf, a national symbol of the country, they establish the league as a Canadian basketball organization.